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202, 2017

GRINIT Donates to Those in Need

februar 2nd, 2017|

GRINIT Donates Resources to Help Children Smiling Again

GRINIT donates for children. We could talk about children all day long. But instead of just talk-talk-talk, we are making small positive changes. Step by step, we share our wealth of good, positive energy and our resources to children who need our help and attention.

GRINIT shares resources with a very special group of doctors, called Red Noses. Rdeči noski are doctors paediatricians who voluntarily help battling alongside with the greatest of warriors in the world, children. They make children smile again. And we are proud to help them in ways we can.


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We recommend GRINIT d.o.o. based on their extensive knowledge and mastery of BMW’s ISPI services. We welcome their extreme focus and determination for successful implementations and their debugging skills. Their overall high professionalism is nothing less than one would except from this kind of a business partner.
We’re more than satisfied with their services, I can easiliy describe them as: “expert, reliable, effective and perspective”. We can count on them any time and they proved themselves with quick interventions and correct guidance. Grinit d.o.o. are a reliable partner, helping us fulfilling our company’s vision.