There are two things we know & love.
And cars.

We are transforming our passion of computing in to developing of unique, tailored and effective IT solutions for everyone. We are known as proactive players and problems solver. We make you sleep calm at night. #cyberfit

Every IT environment has it’s bones and roads.
IT should be stable like a backbone and run like the Autobahn!

Imagine IT as a traffic scenario. To keep it simple, we want to get from point A to point B safely and in the shortest amount of time. So, we need safe, fasts roads and solid vehicles.

Just like a Real Life traffic knows congestions, bottle necks, rush hours, etc… so does the IT infrastructure. Everything needs to be taken in to consideration. Starting with cables and wall outlets.

IT is a hard fact when we say that “more than 50% of business buildings, aged 10+ years should have their outlets checked.”

Such basic components make building bones of the IT’s infrastructure. This backbone is your road and you want it to be safe and fast!

We help you plan and design what you need. No overhead and unnecessery stuff. No mislooked options which can later add-up as hidden costs.

There are many things which need to be taken in to consideration, so leave this to professionals and claim what is yours – a guarantee on your investments.

Building from scratch or adapting a dinosaur can be a financial burden. We know since we helped many. Let us discuss your fincial approach together and let us help with financing your projects.

We know what we are doing.

  • All
  • Automotive
  • Data Protection
  • Hardware
  • Software

We design and help you deploy from Telecomunications & Networking onwards…
We sell and re-sell from Software to Hardware.
We know and represent special Service and Data Solutions as well.
Well, we deliver almost everything… Period.

Optimization is to achieve stability.
With reduced TCO and best ROI.

Refurbished Hardware market is Growing.
Up to 10% in years 2020-2025! 

Our Company name delivers a message. We started thinking Green decades ago. Yet decades ago refurbished Computer Hardware was not something one would consider.

However, evolution of computer hardware came to a point where hardware bacame so powerful IT can run for years after it’s initial Life Cycle estimation. 

Nowadays, refurbished components can dramatically lower your initial TCO while still deliver a powerful IT infrastructure. Still, a precausion is needed. Not everyone sell certfied and properly refurbished products. 

Refurbished it great and it’s helping our planet and our budget.
Not every project is suitable for refurbished equipment.
Not every piece of equipment is made to be used as refurbished.
We only deliver refurbished equipment from certified refurbishment partners, from the most renowned global vendors.

Digitalization = Beyond paperless.
Digitalization means you are transforming your mentality.

Digitalization is here.
Are you truly READY for IT?

We do a complete re-design & architecture of any kind of IT environment you may have. Regardless of its size, number of employees and its physical locations

Every IT-Ecosystem is unique but it’s circle needs all IT layers tailored to your specific needs. We implement different tecniques for maximum production time and maximum proactive business protection.

This way we enable you to do what you do best, while your IT works.

And yet it does not end here. Our job remains nothing less imporant. We keep your investements safe, flexible and bullet prof.We centralize your IT management and we make your resources available 24/7/365.

We make sure you stay future ready.

Protect your business.
Upgrade to 4.0

Automotive, outstanding yet demanding.
We can handle IT!

Unique Know-How which we’ve developed through years, enables us to systematically approach up the most demanding IT tasks possible.

As an official partner for multi-vendor certified, TOTUS Dealer Management System, we cooperate in its development & deployment and it’s support & training.

We provide support for Incadea.DMS on various levels, including programming and it’s fine tunnine where applicable.

In combination with special automotive hardware tools distribution and advanced, proactive data protective measurements, we deliver optional environments for all our automotive costumers.

We deploy special Automotive workshop deployments where on behalf of principals’ high technology standards, special circumstances have to be achieved.

Take a moment to gather your thoughts.
Imagine yourselves selling luxury vehicles, while your IT barely struggles
Imagine yourselves providing repair services with incomplete and poor performing diagnostic tools
Sounds familiar…?
Get in touch!

TOTUS Dealer Management System
Trusted by Importers and Dealers

A definitive DMS Solution, which covers the whole Balkans region.

Development and evolution of the Dealer Management System is a demanding, longtime process which cannot survive on it’s own.

DMS has to be so-developed with cooperation of the vehicle manufacturers. That is why TOTUS DMS is certified to work.

This is not a generic solution.
Instead, TOTUS DMS is a recommended DMS choice!

yrs of Development
Automotive Brands
Region Coverage

Ransomware Kills Businesses.
You #CyberFit yet?

Is Your DATA Safe Enough

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection.

Acronis Cyber Protect is the only solution that natively integrates Cybersecurity, data protection and management to protect endpoints, systems and data.

Oh, yes! Cybersecurity means Antivirus Software is also included.

Integration and automation provide unmatched protection – increasing productivity while decreasing TCO.

Available in flexible deployment options to fit your needs – to be #CyberFit.

As an Official Acronis Service Provider Partner we deliver the most proactive and comprehensive Cyberprotection Solution on the market.

Manage everything from your Cloud back-end and enjoy monitoring every single setting and client from your Acronis Cyloud Account.

Exceptional Solutions Demand Exceptional Support

Unmatched power of Knowledge is our Key.
Our Expericences are your path.

With more than 20 years in the industry, we deliver the best of IT worlds with various Data Solutions and Protection for all kinds of environments. We provide complete IT services for industries like Automotive, Medical, Finance and Retail.

Years ago, we started oriented as an aftersales services company, to help others when something failed; either Software or Hardware, our job was to fix situations where others have failed.

We built our company from the opposite perspective. We support, so we can deliver exactly what you need. No overhead and always future ready.

Our approach helps us in ways we can outperform many others. We’ve learned how to listen and tailor to costumer’s needs. We build stable environments which just works!

We are very proud to announce that during the worldwide COVID-19 crysis, not a single costumer of ours experienced anykind of downtime. This very important fact show just how well do our services excell in terms of Being Future Proof.

We deliver. Always.


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