Every Business Starts With Sales!

Sales in IT Automotive industry is highly dependant on client's Dealer Management System. While many can simply operate with basic integrations in the IT Automotive, more and more complex systems are evolving. This is making needs for further and deeper IT integration in IT Automotive, with the rest of sales and after-sales operations. Last, but by no means least important are also other aspects of IT ecosystem and deeper DMS integrations.

Dealer Management System, A Foundation of the IT Automotive

In IT Automotive, we’ve seen the troubles of choosing poor or inappropriate Dealer Management Systems. Besides the most obvious fact that a good DMS like Incadea costs lots of money, it is also necessary to evaluate all the hidden costs and “gems” a DMS can provide. Does it really suits for your type of importer, dealership or service and your overall organisation? Can you link the DMS with your outer or other 3rd party services? Does it suits your legal requirements? Is it properly supported by your vendors and if isn’t, can you still use it? Is it flexible enough to withstand future regu- lations and needs or will those “patches” cost you a fortune? How easily can it integrate in to your IT Automotive and other operations?

Choosing the best DMS is not to be taken lightly. It is one of the most demanding tasks for a dealership and can mean the difference between loosing money or benefit from it. Dealer Management System is your core platform and needs to suit you well, must have a possibility to be tailored for individual and has to be future-proof. IT Automotive is a demanding, highly specialised environment. Are you ready?

DMS Dealer Management System Concept Core Business Operations

DMS is Your Core

DMS can be generic or vendor approved. It can support one or multiple vendors and it can be used for various types of motorised vehicles.

Since all begins with sales, we can assume that sales department is covered relatively well. After-sales, however, is quite often excluded. Does you company primarily sales vehicles or does it provides services without sales? This is a very important difference which can make a direct impact on your choice.

English, German, Russian and Italian. All nice languages and well spoken. But what about others? Can you afford not having localised software solution in your country? Is it okay by law? Or do your costumers simply ignore the fact that they have an information output written in foreign language? A reliable DMS has to have support for foreign language or at least have to offer an opportunity for localisation.

A comprehensive Dealer Management System has to offer possibility to replace accounting software. At least by some extent. As a core company software it can be used not only to track and operate with vehicles but also for ordering and invoicing your costumers.

HR department often cries for more overview of their employees. DMS can yet again play a very supportive role in HR department needs, including clocking services for time tracking and others.

Legal issues are probably the second most complex issues at all. Just after finances, legal department can be struggling with burdens of law changing rules and obligations. DMS has to have options to quickly adopt to such changes without severe impact on the current state of business.

Be The Best in After-Sales and Ahead of Your Competition!

We provide complete IT solutions for general workshops around the globe, including special BMW Workshops - BMW ISPI NEXT, a next generation and like no other, IT ecosystem of advanced and highly sophisticated Hardware & Software tools for diagnosing & repairing BMW Automotive & BMW Motorrad and MINI vehicles.


You need your sites evaluated first. Many aspects of technologies and infrastructure may and can change through the years. Before even thinking further, you have to be on a safe side.

Have your gear and hardware ready. We make sure every piece of necessary equipment suits the demands of the demanding automotive industry, therefore you can rely on it and we can support it.

After making all the necessary checks, we deploy the hardware and begin preparations for installations and systems integrations. We make sure that your current information systems stay intact and secure, while the extended IT subsystem kicks in.

We make sure users get the applications and user interfaces needed to do their everyday tasks by tailoring it as needed.

We handle all aspects of integrations with the current information systems, including but not limited to, linking Autoplus, Incadea and Idamss.

Support is an end of the project’s lifecycle but another start of another process. Support starts when sales go home. Supporting systems makes you operational 24/7. Superior support means that you don’t even need to think about having one.

Need to deploy, expand or upgrade to BMW ISPI NEXT?

BMW’s latest generation of Workshop Information System for servicing vehicles brands BMW and MINI, called ISPI NEXT, is the latest Information System build to satisfy strict standards of one of the most renowned car and motorcycles manufacturer in the world. ISPI NEXT is an Information System like no other in the world. It’s unique and complex, reaching far beyond connecting a single tester to a notebook to check vehicles’s status. Don’t get surprised. Hire a real professional.

We’re competent, highly skilled with all the necessary knowledge and experiences to make transformations and upgrades fast and reliable. You have a new site which need to be properly connected to HQ, other IT subsystems and Inceda DMS? No worries, we can do that regardless of time and place. Get in touch with us.


We Cover IT All!
Merge with the team of proactive professionals with highest business ethics standards possible!

As a recommended and promoted IT integrator partner by BMW Group Slovenia, we've deployed the current generation BMW ISPI NEXT nationwide. 100% of Slovenian BMW Partner Network is in production on behalf of our baselines and solutions.

Highly skilled in IT workshops, we can support these demanding environments and make all kinds of adaptations, renovations and upgrades needed for successful and stable day to day business operations.

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