IT Integrators’ comprehensive services are a melting pot of different skills and vast knowledge. IT is a very wide industry, with many, many roles and tasks, requiring different technicians, specialists and engineers. To be able to keep track with evolution and completely new technologies, one must understand how in principle things work and correlate. Like it or not, IT is an industry of passionate, self-motivated and self-initiated individuals. When recruiting new colleagues, this is the most important aspect one needs to provide. Not a common trait but priceless.

Drilling further, we can separate IT services in to basics:

  • Installation (physical process of putting things in to running state)
  • Implementation (process of putting things in to their working and fully functional state)
  • Integration (process of putting different things in to the working and full harmony)

Installation is THE most commonly used term in the IT industry. It can mean everything to do with IT work but it can also mean just that: Installation. Properly used, the term Installation tells us of psychically putting technologies in to a production (e.g. Hardware). Software is also installed, which means just that. We run the setup or similar and get trough the process like developer designed it.

Implementation is very similar to Integration and quite often misused or switched in the meaning. Implementation is a process of putting in to operation a Software and/or Hardware by the means of its purpose and design. Simply put; Implementation puts Software and Hardware in to a function as designed by its manufacturer.

So as we can see, Integrators are highly knowledgeable IT experts who can stitch, merge, melt or simply put, connect different technologies in to a working, stable order. Integration thus means an operation of integrating different technologies of various technological approach and/or machines in to a working, heterogeneous whole.

IT Integration Combines The Most Comprehensive Set of Knowledge in The IT Industry.

- Juka Jurinič, CEO, GRINIT d.o.o.

We are global integrators, specialized in deployment of industry standard solutions across the globe; specialized in Automotive and Healthcare, industries which require specific needs for daily operations.

IT Consolidation brings your entire IT in to a defragmented state with cuts on the IT overlapping costs, rationality and sustainability for years to come. We achieve this with planning for future growth and not current needs.

Juka Jurinič, CEO, GRINIT d.o.o.