Costumer Relationship Management With Medical Devices

CRMs in IT Healthcare are real gems. Good one are hard to find while commonly used are many times obsolete in terms of technological, parallel evolution in medicine. Medical devices are on the other hand quite often based on older, but because of it, more proved technologies and lacking all the modern connectivities we’re so fond of and used to. Healthcare may still be the sector still in early stages of development, at least for some regions. This industry sector is very delicate and majority of countries are following national agenda and progress. However, this does not necessarily mean our hardware is obsolete too; Getac is building professional hardware solutions for all kinds of special environments, including hospitals and other medical facilities.

This means, that as an IT Integrator, we often need to be more intuitive with IT Healthcare integrations, with different medical devices and the rest of the IT ecosystem.

IT Healthcare Industry Brings Everyday Specials

Getac RX10H: Rugged Mobility, Designed With Care

Medical facilities are special environments with special demands for hygiene and durability. There isn’t many manufacturers who are designing such special tools. But we, as a Getac’s partner can offer various special tools built for various professional sectors. One such tool is the RX10H Windows Healthcare Tablet.  A tool for medical professionals. A powerful, totally mobile tablet with Antimicrobial Surface Coating and a Glove-Sensitive, Responsive & Resilient display.

GRINIT Getac RX10H Healthcare Tablet