Carrying Your IT Burdens Instead Of You With IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing; everyone should be doing what they do best and what they’re good at – our philosophy represents our dedication to our profession and our commitment. This way we take off your shoulders all the time consuming tasks and operations which are delaying you in your everyday business operations. With IT Outsourcing, either full or even partial IT Outsourcing, we can cut down your overlapping IT costs and get your IT in defragmented mode.

Leave your IT related tasks to our proactive approach. We will rationalize your IT related costs by complete IT Outsourcing, including consulting, deployment, implementations and integration with best possible after sales support. We strive to be always one step ahead.

Why Are We a Wise Choice?

Being in IT business for almost two decades and being specialized in various fields of IT technologies and services, nowadays we can offer to our clients only the most reliable and flexible solutions, tailored so that it fits to client’s demands and expectations.
With one word: Sustainability. We at GRINIT d.o.o. share a common idea of after-sales being on of the most important part of any business in today’s world.
Our top priority is costumer’s satisfaction. Our response times are always measured, ensuring our readiness always stays on high alert. We make your business run like perpetuum mobile.

We make Information Technology solutions greener and we make IT prosper, taking one step at the time for a better business. We can build, deploy and support any kind of IT ecosystems. Even better; we can stitch & tailor together old with new technologies, making perfect integrations possible.

GRINIT IT Outsourcing in General IT, Automotive IT, Healthcare IT

Build + Deploy & Support

There’s no better approach to a business than having all resources at one place. We’ll lead you through the whole process of optimisation. We’ll deploy necessary steps for solution implementation and we’ll support your business afterwards. And we won’t let you down with excuses that it can’t be done!

GRINIT IT Outsourcing in General IT, Automotive IT, Healthcare IT

Global Support Operators

We’re conducting support & care operations on a global level, regardless the geo-physical location. We are always using the latest from the industry leading standards in remote operations and support. The only acceptable support we are providing is a proactive support. We monitor, we control, we prevent.

GRINIT IT Outsourcing in General IT, Automotive IT, Healthcare IT

We Can Reach You

Our capacities are located inside national, most advanced and most reliable data centers in the country. Packed up with super high-speed and redundant broadband connections, we’re always available to any request. Our 24 / 7 support help desk is open non-stop and ready to intervene.